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Chosen With Purpose

A story of Adoption and Identity

“Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family...” – Eph 1:5


Mark Molzen was born near Detroit to a fourteen-year-old ninth grade girl and an eighteen-year-old high school dropout. Statistics show that the odds of his going to prison, being murdered, or becoming addicted to drugs by the age of twenty-four were staggering. But at three months of age he was adopted, one of two seminal moments that changed the course of his life forever. The second was his revelation that society’s definition of adoption, the stigma that adoption carries, was all wrong.


A story of adoption, identity, and the choices we make to define ourselves, Molzen’s debut covers a wide range of topics and emotional terrain as he explores what it truly means to be adopted. Creating a fundamental wave of change that will forever alter how we view adoption, Chosen With Purpose is a powerful, encouraging book. It offers a resounding blast of personal honesty and biblical truth for adopted children, both young and old, and adoptive parents who may be struggling with a variety of issues due to the adoption process.


Mark Molzen was adopted as an infant by a family he calls “The United Nations of Adoption.” Today he is an award-winning public relations professional for an $18 billion Fortune 150 Company. He is also a Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce board member and a Church deacon. Molzen and his beautiful wife have been married for twenty years and have three amazing sons.


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